Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun Fun Fun

Some days, life is just a barrel of monkeys. Let's see...
  • The dog scared the heck out of me because her heart was racing as was her breathing after we both were chasing possums on our back fence. 
  • Insomnia... see above...couldn't get to sleep til 5!
  • Tried to pay the sales taxes during said insomnia... but four month old computer would not start!
  • Bookkeeping is not backed up on said computer
  • I took a student's tools home from class so I have to drive in the wrong direction before getting computer fixed.
  • Tax agency won't waive fines on late taxes or give me an extension.
  • Warranty repair place on the computer won't pick up the phone.
  • Much shipping going out today must be dealt with.
And that's just the last 24 hours!

So, I'm just going to show off some chocolate hearts I listed on the glass bead website:

And I'll just mention that I have a 20% off sale on select items in my Artfire. See previous post!

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