Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fresh Glass 7/21

Howdy! I got a little busy on a cleaning jag yesterday and started listing everything I could get my hands on! I placed items for sale on Craigslist (bulky crap I don't want to deal with shipping), ebay (smaller electronics and that wedding dress I bought for my niece at the studio sale!), Lampwork Etc (tools for PMC and some jewelry from television guests) beads on my glass bead site! Busy!

Today, I was planning to dash downtown and get rid of all the copper cookie cutters that we no longer sell in the shop and maybe sell and old watch or two. I gave up wearing watches in 1994! I had a passive aggressive boss who asked for the time every five minutes (like her ever present computer didn't have a clock!). So, passive aggressive Holly stopped wearing her watch so the passive aggressive boss could bug someone else! LOL! I loved the freedom so much, I never went back!

With all that going on and kumihimo class tonight.... I'm gonna keep this short! Have a great Thursday!

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