Thursday, June 30, 2011

If It Weren't for Bad Luck...

It's a good thing I can laugh at myself...otherwise, I think I'd cry all the time! This week's adventure is a lesson in why Holly MUST wear her glasses when working with beads!

It all started when I sold this little seahorse:
I was so excited... he was going to Germany! His owner makes lovely sea themed necklaces!

Only, this guy had been to a few bead shows and I had him wire wrapped on a copper stand with more copper loops coming out of his head. I grabbed my wire cutters in my darkened shop to cut off the copper on his head, because I couldn't get to the loop below his belly. And, wouldn't you know it? I cut off his "hair do" / upper fin thingy!

There was nothing to do but sit down and torch one up! And since I HATE just saying, "I broke it. Here's another." I could NEVER say that to a customer mainly because I know how that would make ME feel! I made TWO.

Here they all are together... the one I broke is in the middle:

Luckily, she liked the one on the left! Yay! The one I broke spent a bit of time with a diamond grinder and is in my Beads of Courage pile cause the kids will give him some love. And the one on the right??? He needs a good home. And I promise my wire cutters won't go anywhere near him!

Also, today is the LAST DAY of the 50% off sale on Artfire. Thank you, as always for l@@king!

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