Thursday, June 9, 2011

Busy Day | More QR Info

I didn't plan a post for today and oops! I forgot my niece is in town for some wedding planning and my monthly social media group meets today! I've got to dash out to pick up a sample wedding cake, get to a fitting, club meeting, then shopping!

But I thought I would share some more info on QR codes. has a great article out today (their cards are cute but pricey... is my fave printer!)

The in their article allows you to put even more info into your QR code than Likify does. You can colorize it too! Perfect for matching logos or websites. And the Google chart tells you how to build your own if you are really tech savvy! is also another excellent resource for keeping all of your digital addresses in one place. I'm considering keeping my more professional out-in-the-world-with-a-real-job info over there...

So there... a quick helpful post!

I should also mention, I've added a TON o' focal glass beads to the website. (More on the way too!) And this week's special is up on the fan page!

This long skinny glass bead is 75mm!!!

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Karen98 said...

Thanks for this information- I really appreciate it!