Friday, June 24, 2011

Filled with the Nervousness

I'm a bit nervous for my weekend. I'm teaching a class I've never taught before. Beginning crochet. It's fine....I've crocheted for decades having taught myself around age 11. But teaching it is another story.

My arm got twisted to do this... I seem to be the "go-to" teacher when someone quits at the school because I can do just about anything. But still, HOW do you teach someone to crochet AND have them finish a project in just three hours??? I'm more than a little worried!

Plus a new class has meant new lesson plans. I put a ton of effort into my lesson and descriptions so that hopefully students can duplicate their efforts at home without me. But then, if they just wanted to read and follow instructions, they wouldn't be taking a class now would they?

That photo above is one of my class projects in the works. Of COURSE, I had to bling it out with some handmade glass buttons when I got done!

But I'll have to tell you more about it later. Today, I have to make more buttons to take to class and... I have some color tests to run for a new memorial bead.  Busy busy!

If you need something more substantial to read, you simply MUST check out my friend Jenny Cameron's article on Handmade Jewelry, Ridiculously Cheap! It's a must read for artisans everywhere and something I've long complained about here!  Jen just says it PERFECTLY!

Have a good weekend!!!

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Becky said...

You'll be great!!! Have fun and enjoy!! Miss you!!