Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vetrofond Ivory - Wherefore Art Thou???

Ask any glass work and they will give you a litany of reasons behind what makes their favorite colors their must haves. To the naked eye, black is black, right??? Not to a glass worker. I myself don't venture into the boutique glasses too much... I don't sell enough to justify the costs but I still know the difference between black, metallic black and intense black.

I must say, I never really gave much thought to ivory... Light or dark. In 104, I found it much more moody than my beloved Bullseye. I can rock silvered ivory in Bullseye glass - but give me 104 and I will make caca!

So I've always used Vetrofond and Effetre interchangeably... One's on sale? Great! I'll take it... I never really cared which I used and rarely labeled it. I only started labeling it after buying Kim Neely's tuts on silver glass.

But recently, in Kim Affleck's class, she discussed the color reactions of different glasses on Vetrofond vs. Effetre. I won't go into her secrets but I will tell you the same two color were used to decorate both these beads. And...those two colors came from the same rods even (so no variation in batches). The ONLY difference is the base of the green one is Effetre and the blue is Vetrofond. Two different ivories and two VERY different beads.
This photo doesn't do them justice... the one on the left is olive green!!!

Needless to say every glass dealer in this country seems to be on some kind of Vetrofond diet! You can't get the stuff! And... OF COURSE, I like the blue better!

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Anonymous said...

I never could figure out what to do with my Vetrofond ivories! I use SO much Effetre Dark Ivory - it's the only color that I have POUNDS of in waiting. Well, that and clear, but clear isn't a color, so I'm saying that it doesn't count. I label every rod of ivory, but I can tell the good Dark Ivory from all the rest just by touch.

Lara Lutrick said...

I want my V. Light Ivory!!!! I'm ready to sell my first born for it (but I don't have a first born). I used it so much and I really like the way it turns out, i don't know why the company is not making it????

Melanie Graham said...
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Melanie Graham said...

Excuse my deletion. My OCD wouldn't let me leave you a grammatical error any more than it would let me leave a turd on your living room floor.

I love Vetrofond Light Ivory...

I have quite a bit of it because I ran into a kind of lucky deal a few months ago but since it has become such a precious commodity I am hesitant to use it until I know exactly what I want to do with it. I guess it'll come to me.

Pretty beads, and beautiful reactions :)