Thursday, June 2, 2011

Go Divas! Go Divas!

WHHHOOOOOO HOOOOOO!  The Fire Divas raised $107 bucks on their auction for Beads of Courage!!! Every penny of the auction money will be donated through Mission Fish on Ebay to the most worthy charity.

And the Divas donated a matching set directly to Beads of Courage. We decided to make Beads of Courage our monthly challenge in June and I just adore all the beads the Divas made. 

I simply adore the little race car made by Karen of Fire-n-sand and the space shuttle monkey from Lara Lutrick. It's hard for the charity to find "boy beads" sometimes... and these are great choices!!

I'm also loving Barb Reed's (River's Edge) new tribal face beads... these are just great. Yeah, that's my cupcake next to them.

And aren't Abbie's (Abbielyn) inch worms just the cutest things ever????

I'm sure this won't be the last Diva auction for Beads of Courage. I found it so rewarding to participate! 

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Maybeads said...

Way to go, Divas! The beads are fantastic, and you raised a lot of dough for BOC!