Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Begging Off

I need a break...from life. I've been in a funk for the longest time now and I just feel I have nothing left creatively.

I'm sure my lack of funds, i.e. my lack of sales has something to do with it. There's nothing more inspiring than to know your work is appreciated and that people are willing to spend their hard earned cash to have it. Sometimes, I sit here, trying to promote this or that, plugging away, doing my thing and nothing. In desperation, I've lowered all my prices. Not enough to compete with SuzyQ Housewife  with a husband to support her and no fricking idea how to run a business... but by what I consider to be A LOT.  And still, there are no sales.

This all leads to torch malaise. When I'm not torching, that leads to blog malaise.

And between trying to figure out how to support myself, the crazy goings-on in my own backyard and the emotional loss I feel from that, my sister's 3rd bout with cancer and the endless pain my body has from the myriad of injuries I've suffered, I'm just coming up dry. Add in the new classes I'm teaching this summer (Thank goodness! A chance to make a few paltry dollars!) and all the prep I have to do for that (new handouts and samples) and I'm drier than dry.  When this blog feels like work, it has to go.

In the meantime, please go and vote in the Fire Divas Fairy Tale Challenge.

And, not that any one is interested but - there are some new beads up at HollysFolly.

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