Thursday, August 5, 2010

Protecting Your Business from Scams

Good day,

We browsed through your web page and we are interested in ordering some of your products,we are located in Norway,we will like to know if you have the items in stocks,so kindly get back to me with the right contact person email,phone # and confirmation of website so that we can place my order quickly, and i want to know if you have your own personal shipper or can the order be picked up at your store,please advise so that we can proceed by going ahead to place the order.

Purchasing Manager

I get emails like this ALL the time. So does my bestie who runs an online custom golf club business.  We both laugh at these... and NEVER EVER respond! First of all, they have our emails, which means they have our dot coms. If James were really so interested, why not just type that dot com in and uh... shop a little?  Trust me if you choose a country I won't ship to ( and there are countries I will NOT), you will hear from me...right before I block your email!

Not only that, but the same dot coms have a contact email and phone number. And if James IS in fact in Norway, WHY would he want to know if he can pick up???

Anytime you get an email that defies logic... it's probably a scam.  Save yourself a headache and hit delete!


I've been working so hard in the shop and I'm taking a few days to stoke my creativity and just catch up on things like tidying up the shop, making some beads that are just visions in my head and ... cleaning all the beads I made LAST time!

These are the ones waiting for the dremel: 

And these are still waiting to come off the mandrels!

If you have some time over the weekend, do check in on my glass beads website. I'm hoping to get some new goodies listed, including ring kits!  And don't forget to vote and get your chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate for FREE BEADS!
Have a wonderful weekend and do come visit me here on the Bead Blog  next week.

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