Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bugging Janel - Finding Inspiration

Do you have a friend you are certain you drive them batty??? My glass bud Janel is like that for me... I'm always bugging her about something. She heads up the Fire Divas Marketing committee, is a very active member of that team AND she simply ROCKS the unusual, high-silver glasses that freak me out (cause they are so $pensive!).

Hardly a couple of days goes by before I have something else to ask her!

I recently got some of her AMAZING eye murrini (be sure to check out her FANTASTIC FREE eye tut)  and she sent ME a cute note. Here it is:

I immediately thought BEADS. But this is where this story goes awry...

Here is the set I made:
While it's cute, it's a long way from perfect. But as set are a challenge for me, this was a real learning experience. I finally see the use for a tile mold, because the repetition of size / scale would clearly be important. And the flat sides would make the stringer work neater.

But I learned I can take inspiration from something and actually make a set. And I'm most proud of that little dotted bead... That's been a difficult one for me.

So even though, I don't find this "sellable," I learned a lot... and giggled the whole time making them. And that's always a good thing!


I finally got a ring kit up on my lampwork glass bead website... go check it out! More to come over the weekend... I swear!!! I will also have another eye bead over the weekend!

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you Monday on the Bead blog.


JanelDudleyBeads said...

I thought I was the one driving you crazy! LOL! You don't drive me crazy one tiny bit!

I love that this card inspired you, they are so cute! It's so fun to giggle while creating!!

Thank you Holly! Big hugs! xoxo

Maybeads said...

I love the set you made, Holly! I'm the same way - I find inspiration in things like greeting cards and cartoons.