Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Working On It

I've been knocked for a loop this week. If you read Creekhiker, you already know...my big computer is dead. I was lucky enough to salvage all data before the official death certificate was issued but trying to figure out what I can afford and still work the way I like to work... I'm not just a bead maker. I consult, write and publish for clients. I use big programs. Anyway, finding the right machine is a mystery I need to solve and fast.

I hate my little laptop- mostly used for bookkeeping and retrieving orders online. I made some custom beads for a prior client and spent most of yesterday afternoon trying to edit them on Paint - the only photo editing program on this laptop. WHAT a sucky little program that is! You can't lighten. Try to drag the photo size down and it cuts off the image! ARG!!! How tedious! I could've done that in a fraction of the time with photoshop.

So, I'm sort of unhinged and floundering until I get it fixed.

On the bead front, I made my beads for the ABS and I like them - always a bonus! And I'm considering an "optional" design project for the ABS Blog carnival... No pics, obviously!

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