Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Last Minute Lucy - FOILED!

Well, it appears there was some kind of Flickr glitch... The kind folks at ABS are adding me to the pool! Yay! And I SWEAR, I will try to get my entries in sooner!!!
Well, maybe I've FINALLY learned my lesson about getting my entries into the Art Bead Scene's monthly contest on the last day. Even though I uploaded and sent them by 8 p.m. Pacific Time on the 30th, they were rejected! Most upsetting to work that hard on something and have them rejected.

I wasn't concerned when they didn't appear in the pool. I've uploaded late at night even and since it was a weekend... I waited. But then Monday, the post went up announcing the winner! I checked the pool, no pictures. I checked my photos and they were not showing as being part of the ABS pool. So... wah! That'll teach me. But, it also really annoys me! As I uploaded well before midnight and there is NO cutoff time publicized anywhere. Humph! Whatever...

On to the beads! Or the painting... I must admit, I HATED the inspiration painting and didn't get the beads made as early as I would have liked.... It's really hard when you are not inspired and, honestly, I really dislike abstract art. And this painting was so abstract.

But in the end, it was the colors that spoke to me. I used Alabastro glasses in beige and green and for the first time EVER, successfully worked copper into a bead! The center of the focal is oxidized copper.

About the Pendant: The black lines in the piece really spoke to me and so, instead of resorting to my usual sterling, I made the pendant with anodized steel.

The focal and two spacers were wire wrapped with generous loops to be able to slide onto any chain. The lines and squiggles at the bottom resemble the ones in the painting with the ends tucked to prevent them from poking into clothing or skin.

More spacers were added to the center wire for another pop of color.

Let's just see if I can catch the early train this month!

Oh and this necklace is available at Holly's Folly.

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