Monday, May 10, 2010


I feel like I'm waking up from a fog... I really AM. I had a world-wind weekend if ever there was such a thing! My good friend Becky Meverden and her hubby, a/k/a "The Rocketman" were both here for about 46 hours.

The weekend went so fast! They arrived around 11:30 on Friday and we dashed down the 405 for lunch at the Lazy Dog Cafe. (OMG! That grilled cheese is THE most AMAZING thing on the planet!) Back up the 110 and beyond to my little haven in the hills where my pupster saw "her boyfriend" (a/k/a "The Rocketman") for the first time in years. Mabel Lou dashed to HIS car door as we pulled in the driveway and barely left him alone for the entire time he was here! I'll post some pics of her declaring her submission to him on Creekhiker later in the week.

We all lazed around laughing at Mabel until I dashed to the creek for a quick hike and returned to pick Becky and RM up for dinner at my favorite old-fashioned Italian place, Casa Bianca. Becky & I shared the smooth-as-silk lasagna with garlic bread and a Caprese salad while RM tried something spicy. We were happy and tired campers.

Saturday was just as crazy. I cooked breakfast: bacon, pancakes, white cheddar with carmelized onion scrambled eggs. We all headed out for a hike where a regular Creekhiker reader and hiking buddy took one look at my companions and said, "You must be the Rocketman!" After Rocketman came to terms with sudden fame, we headed home to drop off the pupster and headed into Hollywood

We stopped at my favorite "witchy store" to pick up some Attars - pure flower essence which I wear as perfume... No allergic reactions, and the whole world doesn't smell your perfume stench when they travel in your wake! (Don't even get me started about women who put on perfume to get on a plane! OY!!!) We had a celebrity citing at Panpipes - Angelyne was in there. I snuck out and took a picture of her famous corvette with Becky's camera! LOL!

Then it was off to lunch at (WARNING: This website has music! HATE THAT!) Aroma. Becky and I shared a Mediterranean plate and a Batta (sweet potato) salad. Afterwards, we decided to explore Koreatown on foot for a few hours.

We dashed back up to my place for showers, fed the pup and hit the road again to the Hollywood Hills for a party with some old friends. It was breathtaking up there in the mountains with fantastic views. Becky didn't believe me when I told her it would be cold... and even though I thought I was prepared... I was freezing too! We were home and getting into bed by midnight.

Up again at 7 for breakfast by the pool and off the airport. I spent the afternoon doing laundry, napping and little shopping with the BFF. But today, I'm FRIED! And... I have a huge wholesale order to prep for so I've got to run some errands and be in the shop all day! Darn, I need a nap!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday. I'm going to be smiling all day - thinking about my fun weekend!


JanelDudleyBeads said...

Sounds you've had a wonderful weekend! :)

rottrover said...

nothing like friends from out of town to inspire us to do all the fun things L.A. has to offer but that we never do otherwise...sounds like a really fun weekend!

Kate said...

Sounds awesome and now you need a weekend to recover from your weekend :)