Monday, May 3, 2010

Taking the Time...

When you get beads in the mail, do you take the time to write the artist and tell her they arrived? OR, if you purchased on a store site like ebay, etsy, or Artfire, do you take the time to leave feedback?

Believe it or not, we artists are the worrying kind. We worry about everything! Will you like the beads? Are they as big as you thought? Are they too big? We see imperfections in our own work that most of our customers never see... and we fret...Is she really going to like them? Are the colors what you expected? Are they bright enough? And yes, we worry if they arrive and if they arrive safely.

I always love to hear back that my beads made their journey safely and intact. And most of my customers email me or leave feedback in one of the public shops which also lets me know they arrived and are safe in their new home.

But once in a while, you get a really sweet note from a customer. I was so lucky to get one this past week from a repeat customer. She had bought one of my favorite beads from my hollow seashell series. Here it is:

And to give you an idea of size:

Yes, it's huge. And believe it or not, I took a lot of guff when I started making these a former lampwork criticized me for their size, the amount of time I spent making them (over an hour in the torch!) and my choice for the inner glass which is the very thing that makes them so realistic to me. And they've taken a LONG time to find a home and I wondered if this person was right...

And then I got this email about that seashell:

Wow. Wow. WOW!!!!

Holly, this is the best work you've ever done, and that's really saying something.

Can you tell, I'm still beaming????

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