Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just Some Eye Candy...

Still recovering from house guests and I need to spend some time in the shop today working on a custom order... so, I thought I would share some eye candy.

I love this little Cell phone / zipper pull / purse charm. The beads are so sweet and they just make me happy. My BFF has a similar one on her purse and I always smile when I see them. But for some strange reason, this piece has the LEAST views of anything in my Artfire shop! I don't get it... It's as cute as anything else in the shop.

This is a focal that doesn't get many views. It's funny but customers "say" they love yellow but yellow beads don't sell all that easily. But I love this guy for several reasons. The yellow is rich - it's one of my favorite colors in glass (and I'm a "yellow hater'). I find the depth of this color so versatile and have used it as the base of some interesting beads.

The other thing I love is the little, tiny scallops I managed to put on the "sand". Seashells are some of most favorite things and those are so cute!

The other bead that gets so little love is this giant fall leaf. I love large glass beads. This piece was made for a contest and I mixed my own frit from transparent blends. This baby took over an hour in the torch to shape and is just stunning in person. But...sigh... he's still looking for a home.

Hope you enjoyed our little eye candy tour.... See you here tomorrow.

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Baroness Bijoutery said...

Love you eye candy...Your first piece is Great I don't understand why it doesn't have lots of views..