Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Creative Calculations

The only thing I worked on yesterday is the computer situation. It took ALL day and into the evening. Really, I'm so OVER computer issues!

I find it amazing that, while there only a handful of manufacturers out there, they don't seem to make the same computer for different stores. So, you can't compare apples to apples. It's more like I'll give up two apples to get a banana.

It amazes me the only PCMall allows you to shop by features like gigahertz, memory and brand.

And while I finally bought a new "beast" at CompUSA...their checkout process has to be one of the most annoying I've ever encountered. I always uncheck any option to contact me, especially by my cell phone which is a pay as you go model. I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for someone to advertise to me! It's like those big sports shirts with huge logos that cost three times more... If you GIVE me a shirt, I'll be happy to advertise your business but don't expect me to pay for the priviledge!

So I uncheck the stupid box, plug in all my info and... it tells me my shipping has changed and I must "show shipping" in Step 3. I do and ... that dang box is checked again! SNEAKY!!! It can remember my name, address and credit card number but can't remember I don't want to be contacted???

I uncheck and hit the order button and AGAIN, the shipping doesn't calcualte...over and over. I finally gave up and called them. OY! So another week without a computer...

Check in tomorrow and I will have something a little more creative to talk about!

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Lisa said...

bummer dude! i don't remember which big electronics store i was buying from - but the first thing they wanted from me during the purchase part was address and phone number - and i was paying in cash...hate it!