Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Those Stylish Divas Part Two

This is part two of my "eye for style" post using the entries from the last Fire Divas bead challenge. Our theme was May Flowers.

I had seen this set by Amy Lampwork by Amy so I knew they were hers. Amy's sets often strike me as clean and eye catching. And this set seems true to her style with the addition of the floral motif.

I was surprised by this entry from Jamie of Glasstastic Treasures. You don't see a lot of florals in her work and I'm more accustomed to her fun focals. This is a lovely set that I could just see in a bracelet or necklace.

Robin of SomethingNew4U created this watercolor style floral and again, I couldn't guess. I'm not even 100% sure of how Robin made this...whether it was murrini or melted surface application. But...it's gorgeous! I just love when the Divas keep me guessing!

I was certein this was made by Lauren of Maybeads. That whimsical face as the center of a flower! Once again, I'm always blown away by the detail in Lauren's beads - FOUR layers for eyes??? Oh my!

Judith of Icarus Beads makes stunning beads. She is a new member and I've had fun getting to know her work. She uses lots of silver glass and not only gets the most wonderful sheen on her beads, she seems to photograph them exceptionally well. I guessed this as her bead even though I knew this would one of her first floral attempts! Amazing!

This entry was mine. I've mentioned before that I don't know what my own style is. I was kvetching about this to the other Diva admins when I was informed I do have a style...just not one that is easy to put into words. I was also told that this entry surprised our challenge admin, Theresa! Yay! I love to surprise people!

This was a time consuming piece to make with each bead taking 20 minutes to half an hour of torch time. Each of the large flowers is layered with three shades of the same color between clear to make them BIG. I'm drawn to large scale beads so in that sense, maybe it's not so surprising.

I knew this fantastic bead was made by Theresa of Tease Beads. I had picked it to be featured in an article I wrote about Theresa. Still the floral motfi is not that common in Theresa's work but when she does use flowers, I always find them stunning! The cubic zirconia is a lovely touch that only adds to the elegance of this bead.

Thanks, as always for check out the Diva's work! Our next challenge - summer - begins soon!

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