Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Fairy Fellers by Holly's Folly

My November 09 entry into the Art Bead Scene's monthly contest.

I was struck by the idea of an angel or a fairy leaving a wing behind and my art bead is a wing.

I wanted to keep the jewelry simple so the wing is strung on sulfured sterling Figaro chain. At the neck, there are Swarovski crystals wire wrapped and leading to the lobster. Since I made this necklace for someone, I wire wrapped a length of cable chain to extend the length of the piece for different occasions.

Continuing with the wing theme, there is a Swarovski crystal butterfly at the end of the cable, dangling down the back of the neck.

Fairy Fellers NOVABS by Holly's Folly

And here is the painting that inspired this piece:

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