Monday, December 21, 2009

The Busy Elf - Part Two

I actually knitted something! I found this luscious suede yarn at JC Penney Outlet and I knew immediately, I would make something for my mom.

Mom is really active in the American Legion but she's not always red, white and blue. So I made a little heart button with red, white and intense black:
- It ALWAYS starts with a good piece of glass, right?

Then I did the knitting on the yellow Knifty Knitter. (K1, P1 for those of you who speak Knit whit.) Since the knitting is so loose, I didn't even bother to drop a stitch for the button hole!

I just wrap it around my neck to get a feel for where the button should be and sew it on. It slips right through the knitting and now Mom will have a really pretty neck warmer for winter!

Here's the whole thing:

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Lauren said...

That is gorgeous! I love that you made the entire gift. The button bead is gorgeous, and it's the finishing touch on a beautiful scarf. Your mom will love it!