Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December Art Bead Scene Entry - Krasner

It must be awfully chilly in Lucifer's lair...My Art Bead Scene entry is done and it's not the last three days of the month! ;-)

The inspiration painting is this untitled piece by Lee Krasner, who may be better known as Jackson Pollock's wife.

I'm not much into this modern squiggle, excuse me but for lack of a better word, crap. I'm more of a landscape kind of girl. And I admit, it's hard to be inspired when you don't really love the painting. But being artists... we can find inspiration in strange places. I knew right away would make some sort of squiggle bead and somehow along the way became obsessed with turquoise and brown.

And knowing I was leaving town so early in the month only added to the pressure. I realized I had never attempted earrings for the ABS challenge and liked the idea of meeting the challenge with a relatively simple piece.

The beads are brown with lots and lots of turquoise frit with a brown squiggle on top. Now looking at the painting again, I wish I had used white!

The earrings are created with hand made sterling silver headpins, turquoise lentils, my beads and Swarovski Colorado topaz AB crystals. They will be for sale on Holly's Folly later in the winter.

DECABS Krasner Earrings by Hollys Folly

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