Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Busy Elf - Part Four

I've always loved taking pictures and with the high heat decals out there, it's so easy to combine photos with glass in the kiln.

Here are the pieces I made:
On the left is another gift for, white and blue this time. The photo is one I took about four years ago. My mom has a very special relationship with her great-nephew...he reminds her so much of her dad. This photo was taken after my mom arrived very late to her own 82nd birthday party. I had made this big cake and had our family and my cousin and his three little ones over to celebrate. But Mom was otherwise occupied (code for hitting big at the casino). We ate. Still no Mom. And these little faces were staring at that cake. So we lit the candles, sang happy birthday (stretching....) and cut that cake....and, in walked Mom! In this picture, she's teasing my little cousin about cutting her cake. I know she will love this piece when she sees it!

The one on the right is one of my favorite dogs in my extended hiking pack. Her name is Sue and she always smiles at me. You should have seen the look on her mom's face when she opened it!

And the bottom on...well, that's the photo of my dog Mabel in my original Creekhiker logo (replaced with an ocean photo this year). Mabel hated getting her tummy wet as a pup and would do these fantastical leaps to avoid deep spots in the creek. To get a photo of her doing this meant sizing up the creek for deep spots that Mabel MIGHT jump over and pray my timing was right! In eight years, I've taken exactly two decent shots of this!

Adding decals to glass fusing is a wonderful way to personalize a gift and I hope to do more in the future! Tomorrow, something else I made for me!

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