Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Winner Winner!

NOT a chicken dinner! The winners in the Fire Divas Bead Challenge "Say It with Words" was... ME! Whoo Hooo! And I'm giving away the prizes!

The team had some very creative entries, all very colorful and expertly crafted. Thank you to all who voted in the contest. I promise to tell you the long story on the JOY bead later this week.

And the winning commenter is last but not least, #17, Pat Haight! She won a $50 Gift Certificate to Holly’s Folly Shop.

And now let’s look once again at the rest of the gorgeous entries in this month’s challenge:
Entry 1: Amy Sims of Amy Sims Designs

Entry 2: Sarah Klopping of  Aloha Beads

Entry 4: Lara Lutrick
Entry 5: Susanne Folin of Babs Beads and Design
Entry 6: Rosemarie Hanus of Spawn of Flame
Entry 7: Michelle Veizaga of Sundoor Beads
Thanks to everyone who voted, and for all of your wonderful comments!

++++++++++++++++BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!++++++++++++

You may remember I had a side contest called "Name That Diva."  Would believe, I  only had four entries!!! And out of four entries... the most Divas correctly guessed was THREE!!!

Michelle of Pocketsful won a $25 Gift Certificate and  Carrie of Upzndowns won a $15 Gift Certificate to my glass bead shop.

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