Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ghoulies and Goddesses

Whew! I've been so busy, I almost forgot to blog! I was in the shop "trying" to make something I like for the Fire Divas Bead Challenge... my forth attempt! I worked on ONE BEAD for almost two hours!! By then it was getting really hot! I ran a few errands and's four!

So in the interest of brevity, I wanted to share some new beads I'm really excited about: Survivor Goddesses

I'm hoping to get these up on Artfire in a few hours but they way my day is going... Let's just say "tomorrow!"

As you know, October is breast cancer awareness month and I will have some "ta ta" bead pairs to list really soon (still trying to clean that mountain of glass I made last week!)

And October is also Halloween!!! There's lots of Halloween beads in my Artfire shop and more are in that cleaning jar. This one was listed yesterday:

All my seasonal beads hit the Artfire shop first so if you're shopping for October, please check it out!!!

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