Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Old Finding for a New Look

Unless you are into wearing pearls - and I'm NOT - you may not be aware of what a pearl shortener is. It's a great little finding, usually sterling, that can turn a long strand of pearls into a shorter necklace.
My Whole Lotta Love Big Hole Bead Pair strung on a cathedral length silver beaded necklace

Since I'm always looking for a new way to wear a fantastic big hole glass bead, the pearl shortener allows me more options and styles! Remember all those natural stone twisted necklaces from the 70s??? I still have mine!  And I frequently pick up a long cathedral length seed bead or silver bead necklace.
Close up of the Pearl Shortner

To wear, simply thread a big hole glass bead over the folded end of your necklace.... center the bead and take the two ends and clasp it in the pearl shortener. Viola! A new necklace every time you change your bead!

The whole view... I would wear the shortener in the back....

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