Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Name That Fire Diva - Side Contest!

So the lampwork glass bead promo team I belong to, the Fire Divas are having their monthly bead challenge right now. The theme is say it with words. I would LOVE it if you popped over to the Diva's Blog and vote.

While you are there, be sure to leave a comment after voting as there will be a drawing there and the winner will get $50 to my glass bead shop! But that's not your ONLY chance to win. I am having an additional contest here called "Name That Fire Diva"

Some of the most peopular posts I've ever written here were after the Fire Divas' Challenges where I explained how I knew certain beads were made be certain Divas... So, I was wondering... do you have those skills??? Can you spot people's beads??? If yes, this is for you! If not, enter anyway, cause someone's GOTTA WIN!

All you have to do is look over the entries in the Say it with Words Challenge, and try to guess which Diva made which bead. There is a handy dandy list to all the Diva's shops on the Fire Diva's Blog. When you have your list,
email me using the contact button on the top left of this blog. Paste the list below in the email, adding the Diva shops or artist names and send it.

After the Diva's announce the bead makers next week, I will post winners here too! There will be a $25 and $15 Gift Certificate to my glass bead shop up for grabs. If no one guesses right, I will give the prizes to whoever has the MOST correct.

Entry #1 -
Entry #2 -
Entry #3 -
Entry #4 -
Entry #5 -
Entry #6 -
Entry #7 -

One more look at all those fabulous word beads:

Entry 1Entry 2Entry 3
Entry 4Entry 5Entry 6

Entry 7

In Summary:
Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
1) Vote on the Divas Blog
2) Comment there for a chance to win a $50 Gift cert
3) Examine the beads and determine the makers
4) Email me via the contact link above left with your choices to be entered into the drawing here!

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