Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Taking a Break vs. a Breakdown

Well, I've missed my monthly Art Bead Scene deadline. I sort of hoped when I woke up on Monday that I would pull a rabbit bracelet out of my hat...but I didn't. So for the first time in at least a year and a half, I missed it. SIGH...

It's hard coming to terms with just being human. My computer issues sidelined me for over two weeks. And while being off line gave me more time in so many ways, it also ate into my time in others.

The other issue I have is the pressure I feel to compete in the contests... I feel I need to be "out there" showing my work. But really...WHY? My goal (at the moment) is to be a glass bead maker (who actually sells her beads), not a jewelry designer. And really, what good is it to be "out there" when I don't feel inspired by that month's painting??? When I feel I have to struggle to create something? It was a real eye opener to miss this one...

Being offline has made me realize a number of things. I'm not sure what changes that's going to lead to but, I'm looking to take a leap out of this pressure cooker in some small way.

Enough serious stuff... Something really fun happened. I've been picked to be the Diva of the Month over on the Fire Divas site. Go read my first interview with Lea!

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Jennifer Cameron said...

Sounds like you might be getting burned out on the social networking. I totally understand. Been there. Done that. I don't have time to do everything all the time. You make gorgeous beads. Concentrate on that for a while. Whenever I list new stuff I get sales. Just keep relisting the same stuff? Nothing.