Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Silvered Ivory Makes My Heart Sing!

I've chatted about silvered ivory before. It is one of my favorite techniques. Basically a reaction occurs when fine .999 pure silver is added to ivory glass beads. Striations and mini explosions create other-worldly universes in the glass. It's mesmerizing.

Here are a couple of favorite examples:

For this Gingko, I kept the silvered ivory effect on the surface of the bead:

For this next one, I cased the silvered ivory. The extra layer of glass magnify the silvered reactions underneath.

This XL seashell glass bead is another example of surface decoration. Just look at all those striations!!! All of my beads shown are available in my Etsy.

But let's look at what some of the Fire Divas are doing with silvered ivory. EmaKaye uses tinted clear to case. I've been lusting over this bead for ages!

And l@@k at this stunner my friend Janel Dudley made! OMG!!!I can't stop drooling!!!

I found these examples searching on Etsy for Fire Divas Silvered Ivory. There some amazing beads to see!

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JanelDudleyBeads said...

Love your silvered Ivory beads Holly! Thank you o much for the feature!!