Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh Dear...

I swear I don't know what is going on with me. I forgot to post... I just have ZERO motivation. Zero sales + Zero responses to resumes + Zero in the bank = 1 unmotivated Holly. Harumph!

And just when I thought the tide may be turning for my little circle... a friend recently got a job she really wanted and there is potential to open up a lot of doors for her. I was so happy and prayed that her good news would rub off on everyone... and then today, a dear friend called and told me she had been laid off. She's a genius at what she does and does everything well. We were a fearsome twosome back in the day when we both wrote bids for some of Hollywood's hottest directorial talent. Landing million dollar jobs left and right; pulling rabbits out of our hats...we were very equipment, union, special effects savvy. Oh, how the tide does turn...

Anyway, I was on the phone with her brainstorming for hours and spent a few more hours trying to learn some new Windows 7 tricks. And whaddayaknow? It's 5 pm.

On the beady front, one good thing... I haven't been as productive thanks to my eyesight and I got new glasses. Lets hope being able to SEE the flame will help!

Hope your Wednesday was awesome!

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