Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Desire for Junk

I was all a flutter yesterday when the most well known importer of Chinese crap lampwork glass beads decided to follow me on twitter. HUH??? WTH? As usual, I over analyze EVERYTHING!

Why are they following me? I don't sell enough to be considered a well-known beadmaker and I don't make enough to be considered prolific. Hmmm... Maybe they just want to steal ideas!!!!!! How DARE THEY! Well of course they dare...that's how they became the giant monolith of a vendor they are! (For those of you who are wondering, I'm referring to "that Texas sounding place;" First name is the capitol of Texas, last name Hamilton).

As I went to their twitter site to block them from reading my tweets, my heart sank as I realized they have twice as many followers as I do. It would seem there is an endless supply of people who want to buy cheap crappy beads instead of tasteful, well-made, properly cleaned and annealed art glass beads.  And I wonder why I can't make a living a this!  It's like educating the ocean, one drop at a time.

It's so odd that we all want lower prices, but we all want to be well paid for our time. I have always supported artists and hope and pray that one day, I find customers who feel the same way about me and my work.


Glasstastic Treasures said...

It's hard to win in a world of imported junk.

All we can do is educate the community and hope they care.

Salzanos said...

Sigh, I sure hear you. I too, wonder how to explain to joe public the work and time involved in Original, hand made things. But, I would rather keep doing what I do and live on less than anything else in the world. I love and buy handmade when i give gifts. Maybe it helps somewhat ;-)