Monday, June 14, 2010

Fire Divas Summer Bead Challenge | CONTEST

There's another bead challenge going on over on the Fire Diva Blog and since I've been blogging about getting an eye for your favorite beadmaker's style, I'm having a contest! This month the Divas made glass beads with summer in mind. You can vote on the right side of the Fire Divas blog for the next seven days. Contest rules later. First, let's take a peek at this month's entries:











OK, now for the contest part. Have you, dear reader, developed your own eye for the Diva's style? If so, prove it! I will enter you into my monthly drawing for Free Beads on my glass bead sales website. hardly anyone is voting so... you have a good chance to win! Here are the rules:

1) List 1-10 in a comment on this blog. Beside each number, write which Diva you think made the beads.
2) Divas are exempt from playing!
3) All winners will get 10 entries into the monthly drawing.
4) If there are no winners, I will select the two people with the MOST right answers! If one person has nine right and one has seven, they will get nine and seven entries.
5) Gift Certificates for Free Beads are good ONLY on Holly's Folly and not valid with any other sale.

So... start guessing!!!

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