Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Monet - Revolution in Progress

Winter Monet
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January's inspiration painting was cold, wintry scene called The Magpie by Claude Monet. I knew right away I would attempt one of those fantastic tree beads... but I wanted a cold, translucent feeling.

I made the bead and etched it. I found some of the new colored beading wires in shades of blue and some delicate blue opals. I had always wanted to try a design that allowed some of the beads to float and move around on the beading wire. I used crimps and crimp covers to act as "stops" for the opals. A Bali silver clasp and 10mm sterling balls balance out the design.

I wire wrapped the focal art bead in 18 gauge sterling with a rosette bottom.

This was also my entry into the January Challenge for the Fire Divas. I came in 2nd place. Congrats to Lauren of Maybeads on her first place win!

Winter Monet
Originally uploaded by HollysFollyGlass
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So there are two buttons there: One for RME ($65.00) and one for PP at full retail (95.00)! Let's see what happens!

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