Monday, February 22, 2010

Quilt Failure

I have NOTHING beady to say today... I'm in the middle of five different projects and nothing at the "sharing" stage yet!

So... I thought I would regale you with a witty story... I was reading EmaK's blog on quilts and how that passion appears in her lampwork and remembered why quilting is one of few handcrafts at which I'm a total failure.

When I was working on Carol Duvall and Simply Quilts was shooting next door and we were all sharing offices, I decided I had to learn! After some discussion with the ladies on that show, it was determined that Japanese fabrics were what really struck a cord in me. I loved the watercolor feel and the hint of metallic. And they recommended a Japanese fabric store in West L.A.

Still not sure, I stopped into the store on a Saturday, fell in love with a log cabin style quilt that had big six inch wide logs. That quilt made me sign up for a class and I bought fabric based on what the shop owner told me.... that the log cabin quilt was great for a beginner.

I returned a few weeks later, sewing machine and my stash of fabrics in tow. The shop owner set me up at a table and told me to start cutting all that fabric into little one inch strips. HUH???? How's one inch strips going to turn into that large panel quilt on the wall??? While I sat there confused and staring back and forth from my fabric to the quilt, she got on the phone. 20 minutes go by.

She strolls by me, still on the phone and YELLS at me to START CUTTING!!! Still not understanding and her still on the phone, I decided that if she wanted me to cut such small pieces I would BUY more fabric to make whatever quilt she wanted me to make.

And then, the shop owner turned into some kind of Nazi! Still on the phone, she starts yelling again, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? SIT DOWN AND CUT!!! CUT FABRIC NOW!"

I had had enough and no longer cared that she was on the phone. I told her I don't understand. She does not hang up but comes over and again tells me to cut small strips. I explained... A few weeks ago, when I bought my fabric....etc.

She tells me "That quilt no beginner quilt. CUT NOW!"

I tell her I would rather buy different fabric. This was not the class I was promised and I got up again to browse.

She started yelling at me to get out!!! "YOU LEAVE NOW!"


She keeps yelling but as I'm packing up my sewing machine tells me she will refund 1/2. I said nothing but I went outside and called my credit card company. I got all my money back...except for the fabric.

And I never ever wanted to make a quilt after that! And YES, I told all the ladies at Simply Quilts what happened! None of them would shop there after the incident!

P.S. The Nazi Quilt shop went out of business


Franni said...

Gee she shouldnt have been in business anyhow with an attitude like that.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Oh my, Holly! What a horrible woman! When you said Log Cabin quilt, I knew you were in trouble. Oh oh oh what a horrible quilt to start with! Log Cabin quilts are lovely but not for a beginner.

Maybe try another time on something much smaller and less complicated. Fabric can be addicting!

JanelDudleyBeads said...

Augh! That is awful Holly! What a terrible experience, no wonder you never picked it up again.

Imagine how it'll feel when you try again, strengthening! Liberating!

Emakaye said...

I'm glad I inspired you but I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience. Rightly so that shop should go out of business!
Please try again. Don't let that awful person be your only adventure in quilting.