Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let's Start a Revolution!

One of my shopping cart providers for one of my many websites is undergoing some changes forcing me to rethink the way I process credit cards. In researching my options, I stumbled across Revolution Money Exchange and was very pleasantly surprised that many merchants on Etsy and Artfire already know about this cool not-so-new way to exchange money. A quick search on Etsy reveals over 5,000 items accepting payment with RME.

When I read about this company and how easy it is to pay others WITH NO FEES, I was on board. Then I got my MoneyExchange RevolutionCard. I thought this was simply an ATM type card to access monies in my account...but NOOOO. A quick search on the RME website revealed a HUGE list of merchants accepting the card!

Places like Hometown Buffet, Office Depot, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Autozone, GNC, 99 Cents Only, Claire's, Skechers, Bed Bath Beyond, Leslie's Pool Supply, Barne's and Noble, Macy's, Hickory Farms, and the UPS Store...just to name a FEW. Clearly if this is working for these major chains...it's good enough for my small little operation... and will maybe save me some moolah in the process!!

Think about the money you pay your credit card processor or the other online place we all use... Outrageous! They nickel and dime thirty cent us to death! Isn't it about time that we, as artists, KEEP the profits from OUR hard work???

I urge you all to start a revolution...or at least join one in progress! Join RME...use it when shopping online and encourage your customers to join too! Put the badges on your websites...Let people know there is a better option!


Jennifer Cameron said...

Interesting! I will definitely have to take a look at it. I haven't heard of it before you asked if any of us used it before. Thanks for letting the rest of us know about it.

CreekHiker said...

Jenny, I hope you WILL!!! That's the only way to get the word out to our customers!!