Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Got Bead Crochet? Can Travel!

Yesterday was my fur baby's birthday and I wanted her to get to spend a large chunk of time beside a creek. And since I'm leaving town well before my Art Bead Scene entry is due (I'm usually the last to post!), I have a lot of "giterdone" going on around here.

So I coiled up the crochet that is the basis of my project this month and threw it in my backpack. I wished I still had some rollers around from the days when I thought I could make my hair submit to my will because, the BeadWrangler says that coiling threaded bead crochet around a roller makes a secure way to carry a project. But I gave up on hair submission a good decade ago, so I simply coiled the threaded beads around the spool of thread and added it all to my backpack along with some water, dried pineapple and my camera.

It would have been a blissful way to crochet, sitting by a babbling brook, watching the pupster enjoy her favorite place on earth and creating something pretty. But life rarely goes as planned...
Oh, I found that picturesque spot all right. I settled in on a boulder and pulled out my crochet while Mabel Lou played.

And then, the "if onlys" started.... If only we knew the trail head would have been washed out, making me climb on hands and knees up a rock face to reach the road.... If only I hadn't been bit by a spider days ago, making my leg swell and be super sensitive to the point I don't notice things I should.... If only I had noticed my backpack had a hole in it! If only my crochet needle hadn't been lost ...somewhere!

So I sat there anxious to get home...plotting the best path to the fabric store for a new needle! I took a deep breath and reminded myself that the day and the outing was not about ME. I wanted the pup to have some extended play time and she got just that.

I still think bead crochet is a great take-along project. Just put that needle in a bag before you put it in your bag!

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