Monday, November 2, 2009

Xs and Os - October's Art Bead Scene Entry

This month's challenge (Folk Art) was... challenging yet again. I chose to work in the three primary colors in the spirit of the folk art used as inspiration.
Playing Piano by Ruby C. Williams

For the beads I initially planned an elaborate written message about love. And in the end, I chose to use one of my favorite letter signatures ...


Xs & Os Folk Art Inspired Necklace
...i.e. kisses and hugs, for the beads. Each base bead is a hand shaped rectangle of a primary color with trails of the other two colors wrapping around it. One one side is an "X" and the other is an "O."

For the jewelry, I originally intended a bracelet but as I was working, the beads dictated a larger piece.

I used a teapot / teaspoon toggle to add to the homeyness of the piece. Swarovski cyrstals in red and blue as well as a few silver beads were added for accents. The art beads all float on a silver chain and there is a heart link chain running throughout the piece as well as a dangle from heart chain on one side. The heart shape was added for emphasis to carry out the love theme.

Xs & Os Folk Art Inspired Necklace

You can read more about Ms. William's art HERE.

Hope to have this up on shortly.

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