Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Custom Order - Chocolate Pendant

I'm not sure why but when I think of chocolate beads, I think of bracelets or earrings. Never do I think of a necklace. But when an Etsy customer wanted a matching pendant set for the earrings she bought, I was game to take it on.

The focal is maybe 1/3 larger than the earrings because the customer wanted to keep it smaller. sort of killed me to make the leaves this way. I've grown as an artist and now would rather die than use plain old pea green for a leaf. An artist always uses middle tones, highlights and lowlights. But that's what growth is all about, eh???

Anyway, I do like the way the pendant turned out.

I do have one more chocolate that is even larger so if anyone wants it, email me or in a few days, I'll get it up on

See you tomorrow on