Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm grateful for a lot of things this holiday can check out my Creekhiker blog for more on that...but this is about beads.

And when it comes to beads, I have to say I'm so thankful for my beady friends. The wonderful, supportive and kind people who help you work the kinks out or just lend a ear.

I'm blessed to have many beady friends and two groups of them in particular. The Southern California Flame Surfers are real life friends and a super talented group of artists! And then there are the Fire Divas, my online bead group that I hope to meet in person someday!

Last month, my heart bead came in 2nd in a Fire Diva Challenge and I won this gorgeous bookmark from Lauren of Maybeads. While I'm very fond of all the Divas, Lauren holds a special place in my heart. She's always helping out with something and she makes all of us laugh!
And she obviously understands my weakness for pink hippos! She also understands my weakness for a certain temperamental rottie / greyhound mix. Check out Lauren's version of Mabel Lou:

Be sure to check out Lauren's shop for great beads and the cool bookmarks (fabulous gifts!).
And I can't resist adding a photo of the real girl. My partner in crime, my sanity, my drama and my comedy.

Photo Copyright 2009 Isabelle Thompson

Hope you have a gratitude filled day. See you here on Monday.

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