Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Calendar Girl NOT!

I'm having a really crappy day... or three! I've spent the past few days trying desperately to photograph my entry into the AGLF calendar. And I've spent the last few days alternately cursing, crying and pulling out bits of my considerable head of hair... and still no pics.

I've often said, for any of the glass masters I would die to take a class from, I would want to study photography as much as bead making!

After over 200 photographs, countless hours and endless frustrations, I STILL don't have a calendar worthy photo! ARGH!!!!

I used a light box; I stopped using a light box; Tripod, yes; Handheld, yes; I used velvet; I used a jimmied up tent made out of cardstock; I shielded the bead with my hair; I used hairspray to cut down on the shine; I used neutral gray background; I blocked light with rubber stamps and dishrag - and STILL no decent photo!

I'm so pissed at myself... WHY did I make a hollow bead? WHY did I have to fill it with cubic ziconia and crystals? WHY do I have to work in a medium that relies on photos to sell it?

And it's the one thing I hear over and over from customers.... Wow! Your photos don't do the beads justice!

But the worst part is, I made this bead for me...something I've never done. And now, I hate it! I'm certain I will never wear this.

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Jennifer Cameron said...

Holly~I understand your frustration. However, it isn't the bead's fault it is too beautiful to shine on camera. Wear it and enjoy it. Seriously. You deserve to wear something beautiful.