Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I really enjoy frit as a way to color glass whether making beads or as a quick way to make an interesting cane. That being said, finding a good frit holder has not been an easy thing! It seems I am forever on the hunt for a better "fritter" - the name was coined by my hiking and thrift store buddy.

Here's a look at some of the fritters that have fallen out of favor over the years:

These are actually sushi dishes made to hold soy / wasabi. The left one is too deep so I bought the one on the right... also too deep.

Then I remember my years of working with a pastry chef and pulled this mini tart pan out of my cooking stash. Better but awkward with larger beads.

So I went back to the sushi shop. The bigger size is nice but... still awkward.

Next, I found a shallow two-fer. I thought it would be great for having several frits out at once...until I needed to pour them back in the bottle. Oops!

After that, I tried this shallow single.... close, but still no cigar!

After that came the paint palette. OK, as long as I had a lot of frit but strange with the bigger beads I like to make and very messy returning to the jar.

And then, bliss. Check back tomorrow to see my current ( and longest lasting) fritter.

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Maybeads said...

I can't wait to see what works for you! I sometimes put mine on my handheld marver, but then I forget it's there and go to use the marver and wind up tossing the frit all over the place. :(