Monday, September 28, 2009

Ta Daaah!

See, I disappeared and now, Ta Dah! I'm back! So much for my efforts of blogging here every day!

I had to deal with the "day job" a bit. I had new image plates going in to my two engravers (We require deeper etched rubber stamps for the restaurant chain client.) and it was obvious to me that it was just time to run some new images for the company.

And while I inherited enough artwork to keep the company in new images for a decade, there always seems to be something I need to draw. Plus it takes TIME to clean the art files for digital layout for the engraver.

So, I will get back to my beady chat but I thought I would show you the one image I drew last week for the stamp line that I'm most proud of....

This is my godson sleeping when he was about a year old. (He's about to be 19 in a month!) He had the longest eyelashes as a baby...they were dreamy! What I loved about drawing this image was that he was sleeping on his side and it wasn't until after I finished my first draft that I realized his whole face was skewed (drooping) left. So, I had to redraw the left side of his face to make it more even. Then, when I went to size the image - most of our stamp line is sized to fit on a cookie - I realized that my boy has such a wide face...he didn't fit on a cookie! So I had to cut it apart and paste it back together with the eyes much closer.

So, if you are into stamping on cookies, Sweet Stampen will have a whole new line of baby faces and Jack 0 lanterns ready to go in another week.

And I promise, I will be back tomorrow at with a beady post tomorrow.

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