Friday, September 18, 2009

Making My Day

I love to laugh and it's no big secret - I love beads. So naturally, I love beads that make me smile.

One of my favorite lampwork artists is Lauren May Mazursky of Maybeads. She is a fellow Fire Diva. We both participated on a "Pay It Forward" game on facebook. She won a bead of mine. She wrote me to tell me it arrived and that she liked it. And then, much to my surprise, I found a package from Lauren in my mailbox. It contained one of her signature turtles (in my favorite colors) and a doggie made to look like my beloved Mabel!

I was so impressed seeing Lauren's work in person. Holding her turtle, I realized that each one begins with a perfect bead and then she adds so much detailing... They are each little works of art! And my Mabel bead... just warms my heart!
I normally keep a little bead stand on my desk to keep a few beads to look at in the office. Lauren's turtle quickly claimed the the bead stand (made by wood turner and lampwork hubby, Ed Rose). And the Mabel bead curled up under my monitor.

The other day, reorganizing my office, I decided to add the Mabel bead to the wooden stand for safety. Not only did they look super cute, piggy backing each other... the two beads fit perfectly together. They look so cute this way, I giggle every time I see them.

May Beads on Etsy
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Ed Rose Lampwork Stands

My bead group, the CA Flame Surfers meets this weekend at Glass Obsessions in Yorba Linda but I'll be back here at on Monday. Hope you have something to giggle about this weekend!

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Maybeads said...

Holly, that's so cute how you've stacked them! I'm so glad you like them.