Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Expert Findings Finder Needed

Do you sign up for emails from every bead magazine in existence??? I do! It's a great way to keep track of trends and contests and happenings in the bead world.

One of my newsletters from Bead Style Magazine sent up a plea for help this week:

"We have an informal but important challenge for you expert bead shoppers out there. Occasionally we buy something at a bead show that we are told will be available online but then isn't. Other times, items are so prominent at a show (or so irresistible) that we assume they'll be easy to find, but it turns out a lot tougher to track down than we thought. So we are asking for your help. Check out the mug shot above and let us (and your fellow BeadStylers) know where the sea creature chain can be purchased (retail preferred). You will have our undying gratitude and an appropriate token of our affection. Send your chain sightings to with the subject line "Bead Bounty Hunter."

That's a pretty spiffy looking chain so if you find it, let me know... There might be a $25 Holly's Folly gift certificate in it for you!

I've been moving all kinds of Halloween Goodies over to Etsy.... It's such a limited time to make jewelry for, I figure I'm better off getting more exposure over there.

In addition to all kinds of Spooky beads,

You'll find lots of ready made pieces ---
Also known as.... Holly's idea of a Halloween costume! LOL!

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