Monday, December 2, 2013

The Trunk Show Is Coming Up FAST!!!!

OMG! The trunk show is in a few days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am FREAKING OUT! I don't feel like I have enough "stuff"...I'm not nearly as organized with folders and folders of pics and descriptions ready to paste.... Heck, I haven't even taken pics in days!

And I wasted a huge chunk of today on a job interview. Wasted? Yes, I NEED a job but... the person who wanted to interview me didn't show up! And now our weather is getting COLD... highs in the 40s are NOT conducive to the giganto beads I like to make! GRRRRR. So, I'm stressified!

I did finally get some artwork up and invite my friends to the show... Stupid Facebook won't let me invite my fans.... grrrr. So if you are interested, PLEASE JOIN!!

Here are some of the bottle openers I will have in the gifts category to wet your whistle!

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