Friday, December 13, 2013

Sidewalk Sale Sunday

Sorry to go all radio silent on you after so many posts in a row... The show was more wonderful than I expected and I've been a busy bee packing and shipping and still have more to send! More on all that later but I wanted to mention that I will be having a live and in person show this Sunday in my hometown of Sunland at the Back Door Bakery.
The Back Door Bakery is at 8668 Foothill. I will be bringing lots of versions of these:
Would you believe I had two in my show and I sold FIVE???

I will be bringing more jewelry than beads as I'm hoping that's what will sell well  at Christmas. But I will fill in with come "conversation starter" beads:

1 comment:

Linda Blatchford said...

I love those chocolate candy beads. They're so cool.

Have a great show!