Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Overwhelming Good Feeling

I admit it. When I would see other beadmakers post photos of their stuffed outgoing mail, it would sting a little. I rarely sell anything and it's even rarer that I I have two packages going out with beads in them...much less a box full!

 And seriously, my stamp business hasn't had boxes full of packages shipping out since mid -2008. Oh how I longed to have something that people wanted! But my last trunk show was WONDERFUL! For the very fist time in my bead-making "career" - if you can call it that - I had multiple bead packages going out!!! And it felt amazing!!!

This was day one after the show:

And day two:

And two more priority boxes with over almost 2 pounds of beaded goodies in each left yesterday! It's such a good feeling to have customers appreciate your work!!!

If you were one this past week, THANK YOU!!! 

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Aimee Moisa said...

That is awesome, Holly! Congratulations! :)