Monday, May 20, 2013

Price Reduction and Other News

Well, I hate to say this but it had to be done...I've lowered all my glass bead prices in my glass bead shop. It HAD to be done. After seeing an artist I love, respect and admire selling her big beautiful baubles for what I consider to be pennies on the dollar, I had to ask myself, "If I were a jewelry designer, would I pay my prices when I could get those for less?" The answer is a resounding no.

So I spent yesterday reducing. Some money is better than none, right? I have not hit Etsy (and may not...Etsy is such a joke in my book!), but if you see something you like, send me a convo...


TWO BIG  pieces of news:
  1. I will not be shipping for up to six weeks this summer! If you see something you like... please, buy now!
  2. My fan page is thisclose to 400 fans...if you are one...check in for a flash sale THIS week!
  3. I put out a newsletter with more details on all of the above!

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