Friday, May 10, 2013

New Beads | No Fashion

I'm taking Fashion Friday off. I took a nasty fall in my own front yard this past week and have been drained from the pain! I've been losing all my momentum by 1 in the afternoon. I'm so bruised up... just black and blue from tatas to knees! So painful!

I have an interview at a new community center to teach come fall. My one remaining college has cut my classes back so, it's time for some fresh blood. Wish me luck.... I'm taking cookie bouquets, kumihimo and fused glass projects.

When I realized yesterday that I still hadn't chosen a piece of jewelry for Fashion Friday, still had two blog posts to work on (Glass Beads DAILY and I'm doing a photo essay on CreekHiker all month long!) and still had to make cookies for that interview...sigh... I opted out of this one! So sorry!

But I did want to say, I've managed to post a few new listings in my glass bead shop. And I have more scheduled for the weekend. So stop on by and take a l@@k!

I can't seem to stop making the bead above.... I'm so mesmerized by the colors!

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AliMc said...

Ouch! Hope you're feeling better soon and the bruises fade quickly.