Monday, May 6, 2013

Mind of Her Own

I've participated in the making of many glass beads that I swear have a mind of their own! I wanted to make a ghost once...she drooped into a heart every time I reached for orange transparent! And so...I cased her pink and she became one of the largest most dramatic hearts ever!

Such was the case with the 1st base for the Wardena bead! Before adding cremains, I ALWAYS check the base bead: Is it the right size, shape, is there enough glass (volume control)? And how's the bead release behaving? Can it handle all the layers it's about to receive?

The first base bead that I was hoping would be a Memorial bead had some tell-tale cracks in the release and I simply didn't want to risk it with cremains! So I strated grabbing for stringers. See??? It pays NOT to clean off your desk every year day!

I really LOVE this bead!

The way the Opal Yellow blushed...

The moody flowers

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