Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Twitter Karma

This is a pre-scheduled post as I'm having oral surgery today.

I really hate twitter...but I find it DOES make a difference in my business. It gets me views and I know from Marketing 101, unless they know about it, they won't buy it.

That being said, I really despise the folks on Twitter who only follow you to get you to follow them and then in a few weeks, they unfollow nearly everyone. Sneaky eh???

To be honest, I'm not on Twitter enough to follow anyone. I never remember to tweet anything personal but I do link to my blogs...which is personal enough. When I want to celebri-gawk or read the news, I log into my Hoot Suite account which clears out all the clutter of folks (like me) who just want to promote. I have columns for my news feeds and my celebs and I read it there and leave. No way I could do that on Twitter... Twitter really is not set up to be user friendly!

I like to know that people I follow, follow me in return. I support you; You support me. Unless there's something in it for me - like coupons or deals, I  prefer some reciprocity. And I know I'm not the only one!

So I signed up for Qwitter which is kinda nice but I get really pissed off at some of their emails that read: Since our last email to you, Joe Blow, Suzy Q, John Q Public and 17 others have stopped following you on Twitter.

HUH??? This is all to lure you into paying for their service which will give you the 17 other names. ARGH! Everyone wants money from me but no one wants to give me any.... UGH!

After some searching I found Twitter Karma. I love love LOVE how easy it is to use and now it's bookmarked for periodic checking! You simply log into your Twitter from the Twitter Karma page, whack the user button and you can see who you follow and who follows you back.

The green arrows are the ones you follow; the red ones are your followers. There are handy dandy "follow" and "unfollow" buttons below. 
Who doesn't love the most famous bestie in the world??

Finally, an easy way to see who I follow and who returns the twitter love. My twitter list is all clean now and I can get some rest! ;-)

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Sharon Driscoll said...

I don't Tweet! I always figure no one is much interested if I'm sitting having coffee. I'm only interested in getting that caffeine in my body so I can do the other fun things. Glad the "beast" is up and running.