Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Planning Classes

All my lesson plans are due this week for summer sessions and since one of my old schools now requires a mountain of paperwork for classes I've been teaching for years (don't ya just LOVE new administrations??).... I'm gonna keep this short.

I've been asked to teach some new classes as well... Basic crochet...which I said yes to only to keep my good standing with the college. But I don't sell that stuff and don't want to set up vendor accounts with places like that... but I've been crocheting since I was 12... self taught. My first project was  a QUEEN sized blanket which I still have! Funny but I always start new things on a HUGE scale and work my way down.

In addition to all the paperwork, I have to calculate materials fees on several new classes and several old ones now that silver is what it is. And I'm going through a battery of computer tests to try and get temp work. I have to redo my resume and my job counselor says that with all my skills sets, he expects I will end up with 5 to 7 versions (!) of the resume I have now! OY! And Bessie the car is in the shop... AGAIN. All this = one stressed Holly.

But I do have one shiny bit of news... I'm Bead of the Day over on the Fire Divas blog...which means this Ice Cream Cone Glass Bead is 10% off until the new Bead of the Day is posted tomorrow!

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